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Wildlife Rockstars

Wildlife Outreach Programs

Caring, Educating and Conserving

The Wildlife Rockstars Program is a wildlife & conservation education program run by our staff and day program members.  As part of their rehabilitation, members are re-building and learning new skills as they are trained in the handling and care of live native and exotic animals, birds, reptiles and more! They inspire audiences with their knowledge of our animal ambassadors and their personal stories of rebuilding their lives following a tragic accident or injury.  As far as we're concerned, they ROCK!

The Wildlife Rockstars visit schools, veteran, youth and senior groups, nursing homes, and community events to share information about their animal ambassadors and encourage environmental and wildlife conservation awareness. 

Virtual programs are also available.

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We are a USDA Licensed and Insured Program

Below is a List of Wildlife & Conservation Education Programs We Offer


  • It Flies, It Creeps, It Crawls- An educational program using birds, amphibians, and reptile animal ambassadors to teach about the different ecosystems and habitats a species inhabits. The program allows the patron to get a view of the world from the animal ambassadors point and discover ways to conserve and protect their habitats
  • Superheroes! – Superheroes have lots of special powers, but how many of those powers are also found in the animal kingdom? This program is designed specifically to tie in the achievements of our Wildlife Rockstars as brain trauma survivors and is individualized and styled for each show based on attendees and presenters. The educational premise is to introduce the animal ambassadors based on their survival techniques and what makes them thrive in their environment.
  • Rockstar Reading Rally-This educational program is perfect for libraries and pre-school programs! Hear an animal themed story, read by one of our program members. Afterwards have an animal meet and greet with one of the animals from the story! We can provide you with the book title in advance, so you can obtain copies to lend or read again. Find out how much of this animal’s story is fact or fiction! This is a 30 minute, 1 animal program. 
  • Animal Adaptations & Defenses: All animals have adaptations to defend themselves from predators. Animal armor, weapons, and abilities are all crucial when it comes to defense, but the ways animals defend themselves differ greatly from species to species. From spikes, scales, armor and more, this program is designed to teach how different species of animals adapt to protect themselves in the wild. Additionally, in this program our Wildlife Rockstars will speak about how we can defend ourselves by preventing head injuries.
  • Scout Badge Workshops: Girl & Boy Scouts can work toward their badges with one of our wildlife conservation and education workshops.  Workshops can be customized to your specific badge requirements and may include close-up animal encounters, biofacts, activities, games or crafts. Our program space is available for evening scout meetings. Contact us to learn more! (585) 604-6349 or
  • Meet & Greet: Our exhibit table(s) provide a personal, interactive experience to meet our animal ambassadors, learn about each species and ask questions.
  • Wildlife Encounter Birthday Programs: Whether you're 9 or 90, a Wildlife Encounter Birthday is a one-of-a-kind experience! Learn More Here.
  • Super Seniors: A favorite program of our Wildlife Rockstars is visiting seniors!  We travel to nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, assisted living and other senior residence facilities providing up close animal encounters. 

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Our animal ambassadors are treated with the utmost in care, housing and enrichment. Our Wildlife Rockstars work with them daily, providing them with socialization, training and care. The costs in maintaining this level of management are significant. Transportation to and from locations such as yours represents additional expenses. A donation is requested to help us cover these expenses. When you submit your program request, you will be contacted by one of our program staff who will assist you with your program arrangements and will recommend a donation that will help to cover the expenses of that program.

Thank you for considering the Wildlife Rockstars for your Wildlife Education needs. We are excited about the possibility of working with you!  
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