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Our Safety Protocol

1. A certificate of insurance will be provided upon request.

2. All animals used will be accompanied by a current (within 90 days) health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian

3. Any animals that are under State or Federal Regulation will be accompanied by proper permits.

4. No animals are considered dangerous by the Department of Environmental Conservation or the United States Department of Agriculture

5. Proper restraints and equipment will be used at all times

6. All animals will be accompanied by an experienced animal handler at all times

7. All animals will be transported discretely (limited access areas if available) in approved transport crates and containers

8. At no time will any animals have direct contact with the general public, staff, or others in your organization

9. All waste will be disposed of properly by our staff and removed from the premises

Dr. Christopher McKinney of Suburban Animal Hospital provides USDA program of veterinarian oversight.

Jarod Miller, Zoologist and TV Celebrity, also provides his time as our Zoological Consultant.

We Are A United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) & NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Licensed Program
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