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Surviving To Thriving

SPOTLIGHT-Wildlife Rockstar Member Of The Month For January 2024 Was Awarded To Lauren!

Lauren loves to participate in Wildlife Rockstar presentations to the community! She presents on many different animals by practicing and reading animal fact scripts. Lauren also enjoys helping with animal care. She especially loves to look after our Rabbits, Degus and Chinchillas! She is a very dependable and dedicated Wildlife Rockstar! Lauren usually can be found educating the public on her favorite animal (Tenrec) at any of our community Meet and Greets.
Way to go Lauren! Keep up the great work!

SPOTLIGHT-Wildlife Rockstar member of the month and Wildlife Rockstar Member of the YEAR 2023 Was Awarded to Justin!

Justin is a dedicated Wildlife Rockstar who helps with a variety of tasks as well as hosts wildlife education presentations! He is a hard worker managing the never ending laundry and garbage! Justin is very dependable and a wonderful role model and mentor to his peers. Justin also loves participating in community meet and greets and educating the public on his favorite animal (Argentine Tegu). Congratulations Justin!