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Google Zeitgeist: Spirit of the Times

Michael Jackson has been dethroned by Justin Bieber—at least on Google where more people searched Bieber’s name than any other celebrity in 2010. Last year Jackson topped the list. Each year Google releases Zeitgeist, which literally translated means spirit of the times. It reveals what people searched for across the globe. If you’re into trends, you probably already know the list and probably contributed to the statistics. But for others, here’s what people searched on Google in 2010.

Global events of 2010 topping Google’s list were the World Cup of soccer, the Winter Olympics, the Haiti earthquake, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the ash cloud of Iceland. Google Zeitgeist let’s you see a month-by-month, country-by-country comparison of those searches. In all, Google Zeitgeist provides analysis of 55 countries.

In America, iPad topped the list overall while the oil spill was the top news search. Americans concerned with their health searched heart, nutrition, diabetes and blood pressure. Those concerned with a greener world were looking into bloom energy, green box energy and urban green energy.

Americans searching to give wanted to donate to Pakistan, Haiti, Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross and Unicef. Interestingly “text to donate” and “donate now button” made the top ten.

To learn more and view the Google Zeitgeist video, visit and have a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2011.