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Thank You To Our Summer Series Sponsors!

Our Wildlife Rockstars are excited to be busy this summer providing wildlife education and conservation outreach programs to day care centers, senior centers, youth camps and groups, libraries and community events! 

The donations we receive from these programs help to sustain the program by supporting the special diets, husbandry needs, and veterinary care of our native and exotic wildlife.

What You Can Do To Help

You can help us by considering a Wildlife Rockstar Summer Sponsorship! Choosing to partner with us can mean feeding an animal for a month, or paying for educational programing that a school, library or nursing home can’t afford.

Sponsoring our traveling programs and exhibits allows your company to reach thousands of attendees and members in a way that traditional advertising and promotions can’t.

Contact Sara Saylor, Wildlife Education Program Manager, For More Information At: or calling (844) 585-WILD (9453)