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The Wildlife Defenders Program is a wildlife education outreach group run by the day program members of Bridges for Brain Injury Inc, all who are adult survivors of brain injuries or with other disabilities. Sharing live native and exotic species, the Wildlife Defenders visit schools, youth groups, nursing homes, community events, and veterans programs to present formal and informal programs and displays. They share interesting facts about their animal ambassadors and encourage environmental and wildlife conservation awareness.
Another component of the program can include our Program Members sharing their personal injury and rehabilitation stories and discuss the importance of brain/head safety and prevention practices. While running this community based program, members work on personal rehabilitation goals such as socialization, organization, communication, memory retention, planning and pre-employment skills in addition to improving their self-esteem and confidence.

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We are excited to announce we can now offer Wildlife Defender Presentations at our new, larger location!

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Our animal ambassadors are treated with the utmost in care, housing and enrichment. Our Wildlife Defenders work with them daily, providing them with socialization, training and care. The costs in maintaining this level of management are significant. Transportation to and from programs such as yours represents additional expenses.


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